Saving the champagne?

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champagne“I have to admit one thing. I’ve only heard good things about you, but I still had the idea of what you would be like. And I must admit that I was afraid of you.” The manager is of middle age and has been through a lot in his life. He has survived cancer and suffered a collapse out of stress. He has a bubbly energy while talking. It’s like he wants to pay tribute to life in each second. And may that is what it is like when we have been on the border between life and death. We want to soak up every minute of life while it lasts. His story touches me deeply and I think he has been so brave. “To tell you the truth, I never save the champagne. Life is too short for that.” This man is absolutely clear about his priorities in life. The idea he would be afraid? Of me? It is so farfetched in my mind. The only one I manage to scare is myself.

This week I have met many participants who have achieved results, managed crises, finished projects and achieved dream. Yet they look at me with sad faces claiming they are so tired. And then the tears show in their eyes. Fatigue is sweeping like a shadow over their faces while they impatiently cover their eyes trying to sweep off the fatigue. They ask for a cure. Anything to make them do one more thing. They are so disappointed for being tired already. The year is still in the beginning.

But knowing that winter had a slow start, and that it’s been dark for a long time and that you have managed lots, it is not very strange if you should feel in need of replenishment of energy.  If you try to squeeze in one more thing your brain will protest or starts to go on autopilot. All that should be so awesome is just going to fall flat. If you are in need of recovery, NOW! Then that is all there is to it. It is not going to help you that your boss is shouting; “Come on, here we go! Now I is time to invest 110 percent . Shift to an even higher gear. Go, go!”

If you are going to get along with your brain and shift into top gear you also need to promise your brain some energy refilling along the way. Now is not the time to save the champagne. Now is the time to pamper yourself. Now is the time to smile. Smile is the absolute best replenishment.

Smiling lowers your blood pressure, helps you to relax, reduce stress, make sure you exercise 15 to 26 facial muscles, makes you look younger and triggers several parts of your brain.

Here are some crazy things that can get your mind in the game again and maybe even make you smile.

• Do something crazy, something that is completely not the ordinary you.

• Buy wigs and buns to everyone at the next team meeting

• Are you seeking employment? Hang with your buddies at their job for a few days.

• Make your own fortune cookies and add to the fruit bowl.

• Force all to do walk and talk meetings.

• Route the next department meeting to a creative place, perhaps a museum?

• Walk backwards in the hallways.

• Enough with the black! Get some colors in your closet. Wear something bright red, orange or maybe bright yellow!

• Take a cold shower or why not winter bathe?

• When nothing else helps lubricate yourself with peppermint oil or pour peppermint candies in a large bowl.

• Make a list of the top ten funniest movies, select the funniest and see it.

• Give someone a flower and for a crazy reason, ” Congratulations, you have hottest knotted shoelaces in the office. ”

• Give someone an appreciation and feel how lucky you for being able to make someone else happy.

• Massage is always right.

• Trying to achieve perfection can get the best out of anyone. Realize that you have flaws and are human. We often get our most interesting talks over our human flaws.

•  Breathe deeply, Straighten Up  and Stretch Out

• Personalise your office!

• Be quiet on Mondays. Sounds impossible? Pretend you lost your voice, wonderfully comfortable (and perhaps not only for you? )

• Breathe fresh air when taking a brisk walk.

• 20 minutes of sunshine can make the world of difference, Get yourself out there when the sun shines … or sit by a window to get natural light.

• Make a list of 5 things you can look forward to.can-t-buy-happiness

“You were not the least bit frightening, on the contrary, you’ve made my day. And in a strange way you managed to persuade me to try all your tips on planning and structure. But I am most amazed at the fact  that you pinpointed  who I am and what drives me after just 15 minutes. But not even that was scary. I thought I did not have so much to learn really, and now I want to schedule a new coaching session asap. Do you have time for that? “ I smile and nod at the courageous manager. His compliment feels like a glass of champagne.

If you are one of those that just ran out of energy. What if you only could choose one thing this weekend that could refill your energy? What would you pick? If you had the ability to refill someone else’s energy ? What would you do?

Wishing you an energized weekend

Petra Brask

“Passion is energy . Feel the power that comes from the focusing on what excites you.”
Oprah Winfrey


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