Longing for some quality time?

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“I go to work on Monday morning and after an hour in the office I long to go back home. I have plenty to do but no energy at all to deal with it. The participant throws himself into his own group of visitors’ chairs and look at me like I’m his rescue angel. “What can I do to increase my energy level again? My next break isn’t until Christmas! “.

Autumn is stunning with its spectrum of rich colors which takes my breath away, when I drive mile after mile around Sweden to train and coach. Many are those participants who do not see the leaves shifting in green, yellow and red. In a grey mood they start to realize that maybe they have taken a too short vacation or worked so much that they are already starting to lose stamina.

How to fill your autumn with energy? How do you use your precious leisure time? Do you feel that there is insufficient time for reflection and recovery?

“What do you long for at home?” I asked gently the worn out participant. “Well, not the renovation of the basement or the shelves I have promised my wife to fix! I just want to go home and “do nothing”, sorting old books, check the bills, have a cup of tea and be on my own. Do you know how quiet and peaceful it is when it’s just me in my house? “His body language is frustrated and almost intensive as an Italian.

I nod thoughtfully and think of how I tried to work from home this week, while my daughter was at home with a sprained ankle. My loved one came through the door in between two job meetings and neighbours’ construction workers drove me insane with all their technical equipment with various strenuous, rending sounds. Frustrated I finally shut down the computer and took a long walk in the sun. By far the most effective I’ve done that day.

What do we spend all the time on?

According to a British study, we sleep 26 years of our lives – but we’ll take another seven years to “try to fall asleep.” We spend five months complaining about things – but only 115 days to laugh. It can be compared to in the fifties, when they chuckled three times as long. (Interesting … why?)

We spend five and a half years of dusting, vacuuming and keeping up with the household work. And three additional years washing our clothes.

We spend five years on the Internet (in average … if you are online, 11 hour and 20 minutes per month).

When it comes to romance, we spend a little more than a month having romantic evenings, cocktails, watching the sunset with our partners. This can be compared with 11 years of our lives in front of the TV. Priorities?

You can dig into the statistics and conclude that a part of how we use our time, we cannot control. But the question is: Have you made an active choice for the time you actually have control over?

One problem remains. How can we create our own quality time when the whole house is full of family members?

“I went home at lunch today and cleaned out my closets.” The blonde woman smiled mysteriously.” It was fantastic. Do you know how wonderful it is at my house when no one is home? “Toddler Mum is sipping coffee with pleasure, dreamy as if she still sat in the living room couch.

When we first met, she said that her challenges in efficiency was not at work. “I dare say I am one of the most effective workers in this department.” Her boss and colleagues could indeed confirm it. “So what is your challenge, then?” I asked curiously. “There must be some reason that you taking this training.”
She exclaimed quickly, “At home! I have no energy left when I get home and there’s so much I ought to clean and sort out. It makes me tired just thinking about it. “

“How did you feel getting back to work after your cleaning hour at home then?” Fantastic. She smiles softly. More than amazing, actually, quite delightful. I was so happy. In the afternoon I got even more tasks done at work.” She sighs happily.

The quality of your life and work is influenced by the quality on you. To sit down and wait for the quality time to “come to you” I think is not the solution. Perhaps you need to schedule it or at least give it some space.

What if it is so simple that we just need some time to ourselves at times, to clear the mind, closet or sorting old books. Some “catching up time.” Isn’t that when most great ideas are born?

Wish you a nice weekend

Petra Brask
“Your time is limited, so do not waste it living someone else’s life.”
Steve Jobs (1955-2011)


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